season3 episode1truoble it up. may 6. cece gets a saturday detition and than sneaks out of saturday detion. guest stars dwayne howard as teacher.

season3 musical it up episodes2-4 cece, rocky,duce, and flin try to get into a privite conert by only two out of the four get the tickets to go to the on direction concert. one direction may27 2012

season3 episode5-6 test it up. cece moves to a new class roomand has to take the test that she didn't even know their wasa test for at all. jennete mc curdy as assistent, prinable flexmore as tester. june 15, 2012 mucic , the red light = first wo go then we shake out the feeling in our body so we get up and dance ., hard day and night by beatles cover up zendaya and shake it up casts.

season3 episode7 spy it up rocky hires a spy to spy on the giuntsinheffers sand duse / tie. june 26,2012

3,8-10 ant farm it up. cee and rocky go to the ant farm set to aduition for ant farm to be a sytudenbt their but the princealble says they have to pass every subject in highschool for the next four years, cece gets very shy with going to anew school that cece and rockys family moves closer to ant frarm school. guest strs justin bieber,